New SQ tests carried out at PLAY2014

The Strategic Mind- competitive tests to assess Strategic Quotient (SQ)

After the success of the 2013 pilot test, we will try to measure the Strategic Quotient (SQ), by calling on the wider public of more or less expert players taking part at the event. It is a genuine scientific experiment: the data collected in this second test will be used to create a standard test to measure strategic skills.

SQ is measured with a test (similar to IQ tests) developed on the basis of the by now famous Theory of Games, known to the wider public due to the successful film by John Nash (namely “A Beautiful Mind”).

What makes SQ interesting to an audience of both habitual players and those who stopped playing some time ago, is that it measures skills that are relevant both in classic games such as poker and Risiko and in strategic situations typically encountered in our society ( from courting a potential partner to our ability to do business successfully).

However, it will not be just a scientific test. In the spirit of the event, it will be a genuine game. During the two days of PLAY there will be a real competition to obtain the highest SQ score, along with interesting prizes for the best contestants.

Once again at this edition of PLAY we will be looking for players willing to compete against others to demonstrate that they are the best strategists!

Tests will be carried out continuously throughout the PLAY event.

Competition for the highest Strategic Quotient (SQ) score at PLAY2014- Announcement of the top players and prize-giving.

The top rankings for the SQ calculation test, an experimental and concise assessment of strategic skills, will be announced. Prizes will be given publicly to those at the very top of the rankings.